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Welcome to my online résumé

Kellie-Anne Poirier

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Bird set free live – Kellie-Anne Poirier (14 years old)
Love on the brain cover by Kellie-Anne Poirier
Say you won’t let go cover by Kellie-Anne Poirier
Kellie-Anne Blind audition The Voice Kids Canada…
Je l’aime a mourir cover by Kellie-Anne Poirier…
Kellie-Anne poirier –  MY new channel
Bird set free Sia cover by Kellie-Anne Poirier
SIA- THE GREATEST- cover by Kellie-Anne Poirier

BIO – The begining

Incredible young French Canadian artist

Born in 2003, this incredible young French Canadian artist has many achievements on her list. Showing a great interest in music at a very young age, she started to play the guitar at the age of 8. Her guitar teacher quickly noticed her amazing and unique voice so she decided to accompany herself while playing.

BIO – Dubai

Over the last 2 years

In 2009, her family moved to Dubai which is where she participated in her first competitions. Kellie-Anne had to face several unsuccessful auditions until she decided to work with a voice coach. Over the last 2 years, Kellie-Anne’s talent was highly recognized. She won the celebrity judge award at Kidzstarz in Dubai and started to perform at popular events such as the Dubai Marina Music festival, The Ripe Market, The Fringe Festival, Mall events and some restaurants and bars such as Tribeca.

BIO – The Voice

Voice Kids in Quebec, Canada.

But the ultimate achievement for Kellie-Anne was to participate at the Voice Kids in Quebec, Canada. She was one of the lucky candidate that had the chance to have all the coaches pushing the famous button for her. Since then, Kellie-Anne is convinced that music is a genuine passion and she is determined to work really hard in order to live her dream.

Apart from music, Kellie-Anne is a very friendly girl. She always strives to find the right balance between her friends, family, sports, school and hobbies. She is often described as being bubbly, kind, generous and very positive. Kellie is also dedicated and perseverant.


Collaborations with industry expert…
Collaborations with industry expert…
Collaborations with industry expert…
Welcome to my personal presentation

Join Kellie-Anne in her adventure and thank you all for your continuous support!